Annual Conference & Exhibition

When it comes to education, no other conference compares to the NCPERS Annual Conference and Exhibition. That''s why more than 1,000 trustees, administrators, state and local officials, investment, financial and union officers, pension staff and regulators attend each year.

Attendees benefit from the comprehensive educational programming, dynamic speakers, and networking opportunities with money managers, investment service providers and public fund colleagues from across the nation.

Annual Conference FAQ's

The 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition was held May 3 - 7 in New Orleans. The focus of this year's conference was "Banding Together for Retirement Security." Below you will find the available PowerPoint presentations for the educational sessions that took place at the conference.

2015 Final Agenda
2015 Program Book

Economic & Investment Outlook (supplemental handout)
Macro Diversification: Top-Down Methodology
Alternative Investments: Striking the Balance between Growth Tomorrow and Liquidity Today
Washington Update
Is It Time to Challenge Your Benchmark?
National Perspective on Contribution Policies for DB Plans (Handout 2)
The Role of Real Estate in an Investment Portfolio (Handout 2)
Fiduciary Liability Insurance: Coverage That Protects YOU the Trustee
Behavioral Economics: How Participants Make Decisions
Income Inequality: Hidden Economic Cost of Prevailing Approaches to Public Pension Reforms
Recent Legal Developments 
Corporate Governance
The Art & Science of ESG Investing
Higher Compensation is One Key Way to Help Reduce Pension Deficits
Are You Exposed to Cyber Risk?
Can We Lower Volatility and Still Meet Equity Return Expectations? (Handout 2)
DB is Still a Better Bang for the Buck
Changing Paradigms for Public Investors (Handout 2)
Natural Resource Investing
Behavioral Science and Its Implications for Active Management
Longevity and Its Impact on Public Plans
NCPERS Code of Conduct

Constructing the Appropriate Private Equity Investment Program
Hybrid Pension Plans 101
Effect of Rising Interest Rates on Fixed Income (Handout 2)
Implementing a Factor-Based Equity Strategy
Recovering Public Pension Fund’s Assets
Government Plan Litigation: The Past, Present and Future Wave of Litigation

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2016 Annual Conference & Exhibition
May 15 - 19
San Diego, CA