NCPERS Fiduciary Liability Insurance Program

The Board of Directors of the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (“NCPERS”), has unanimously endorsed Ullico Casualty Group Inc.'s (“Ullico Casualty”) Fiduciary Liability insurance program for its members. The members of NCPERS manage approximately $3 trillion in pension assets in trust in more than 550 public sector funds, benefiting approximately 27 million public sector employees and retirees.
Highlights of the NCPERS Fiduciary Liability insurance program include a duty to defend provision with the policyholder’s right to select counsel, which allows the policyholder to work with their own defense attorneys.
Ullico Casualty Company offers Fiduciary Liability insurance on Markel American Insurance Company paper, rated A (XIV) by A.M.

The NCPERS Fiduciary Liability insurance program is available through independent insurance agents and brokers. If you have any questions about the NCPERS Fiduciary Liability Insurance Program please contact:

 Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management      
 Services, Inc.

 Toll Free Number: 800-333-3231
 Brandon Cole 

 James Martinez

 Mesirow Financial

 Tim Bowen, Senior Vice President
 Phone: (312) 595-8098

 Andy Pataky, Senior Vice President
 Phone: (312) 595-6593


NCPERS has no role in the administration of the fiduciary insurance program and the benefits are guaranteed solely by the insurance carrier, Ullico Casualty Group. NCPERS is compensated solely for the use its name, service marks and mailing lists.