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Bridget Early

Director of Membership and Strategic Alliances

Bridget Early is the Director of Membership and Strategic Alliances for NCPERS. She oversees NCPERS’ membership recruitment and retention efforts, working to continually enhance the depth and breadth of the trade association’s engagement with current members and prospects. She also liaises with state coalitions—composed of public plan stakeholders—and public
plans to ensure commonality of interest and pursuit of shared goals.
Bridget brings extensive experience in workplace policy advocacy including pensions, contract negotiation, and healthcare. Prior to joining NCPERS, Bridget served as the Executive Director of the National Public Pension Coalition, where she executed strategic campaigns across 20 states. Her work cultivating partnerships and developing a robust communication portfolio increased the organization's capacity for influencing policymakers and educating the press. While working as the Director of Legislative and Political Affairs for the Chicago Federation of Labor, Bridget led successful efforts to pass legislation that strengthened retirement security and ensured earned sick time for workers on the municipal and state level.
Bridget holds a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and sociology from Western Illinois University and a Master of Social Work from the Ohio State University.

Phone: 202-601-2444 

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