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Code of Conduct

The NCPERS Code of Conduct for Public Pension Service Providers identifies 10 principles for service providers. The ethical framework was developed at a time when compensation and other arrangements for providing services to employee benefit plans have grown more complex. Some types of services that pension plans secure include legal, financial, accounting, investment, and custody services.

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The 10-point voluntary plan requires service providers to:

  1. Act in a professional and ethical manner at all times in dealings with public plan clients.
  2. Act for the benefit of public plan clients and in accordance with codes of professional conduct.
  3. Act with independence and objectivity.
  4. Fully disclose to public plan clients conflicts of interest that arise that may impair the ability to act independently or objectively.  
  5. Act with reasonable care, skill, competence, and diligence when engaging in professional activities.
  6. Communicate with public plan clients in a timely and accurate manner.
  7. Uphold the applicable law, rules, and regulations governing your sector and profession.
  8. Fully disclose to public plan clients all fees charged for the products or services provided to said client.                      
  9. Support the sustainability of public defined benefit plans and retirement arrangements that add to overall retirement security
  10. Fully disclose all contributions made to entities enumerated in Schedule A that advocate for the diminishment of public defined benefit plans. 

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