National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems

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Chief Officers Summit

NCPERS is proud to unveil its Chief Officers Summit. The CO Summit is the culmination of extensive research and engagement with our membership over the course of 12 months in 2016. NCPERS worked with a small group of public plan CIOs, interviewed nearly 20 public pension plans, and conducted a membership-wide survey on the needs of public pension investment staff. A consistent theme from this field research was a desire and need of CIOs and EDs—particularly in mid-market plans—to learn, network, and share with their peers.

The CO Summit seeks to fill this need. This participant-driven program will focus on the distinct investment challenges mid-market plans face, and work collaboratively to find solutions to them. Attendees will also explore ways that NCPERS can strengthen its investment focus and resources for professional staff and all members.

A few unique features of the CO Summit are:

  • Attendees are CIOs, or their designated senior surrogate, from funds with assets between $2 billion and $60 billion.
  • It will be limited to 40 attendees to promote active participation and discussion.
  • The agenda will be developed by peer, mid-market, CIOs.
  • It will be closed to marketers from the vendor community.



2019 Chief Officers Summit
June 13 - 14
Chicago, IL