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Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett Annual Conference Video

February 25, 2013

Climate change is reshaping the planet -- and it's affecting much more than just the weather. In time, it promises to drastically alter the world''s centers of economic power, turning today's long-term investment strategies on their heads. And that has profound implications for pension funds and the trustees responsible for their financial well-being. 


One of the most important strategic thinkers of our time -- national security expert and bestselling author Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett -- will speak at the NCPERS Annual Conference in Honolulu in May, explaining how climate change will remake every part of the globe and how those changes will determine where pensions should be investing their money in the coming decades. Dr. Barnett is in high demand within government circles as a forecaster of global conflict and an expert on the forces that are resh.