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Global Governance 
690 SW 1st Court, Suite 2702
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 588-9513
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Corporate governance and shareholder engagement must evolve to navigate today’s challenging business environment and relentless pace of innovation. Global Governance delivers clarity out of this complexity for companies around the world through the experience and rigor of Global Governance Advisors, which is enhanced through the industry-leading innovation of our technology arm, Global Governance Software. Our team of independent advisors combines deep industry expertise with our groundbreaking Stakeholder Capital Management Platform (SCMP) - a SaaS suite of intelligent tools that EmPower™ you to make decisions quicker through deeper insights on critical issues related to governance, executive and board compensation, compensation design, shareholder management, and investor relations strategy. Together, we deliver better corporate governance counsel and mitigate board risk through superior insights like no other firm today. Global Governance has offices in Miami, New York, Dallas, Toronto and Calgary. 

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