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Identity Theft Insurance

Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX) d/b/a ID AURATM ENTITY GUARD®, is an industry pioneer and leading provider of consumer and corporate identity risk management services that has protected over 37 million consumers since 1996.

As part of a partnership between NCPERS, Arthur J. Gallagher & Company, and AURATM IDENTITY GUARD®, NCPERS’ members are being offered comprehensive cybersecurity protection for the entire family. With their industry-leading cybersecurity platform, Aura Identity Guard is more than simple identity protection. Their comprehensive, robust suite of tools protect our members and their families for today’s digital lifestyle against cybercriminals. Aura Identity Guard provides identity theft security, data privacy tools, VPN, and device intrusion protection for the most innovative cybersecurity available today. Especially when public employees are being actively targeted by cybercriminals, there is a real need for proactive protection. 

NCPERS’ goal is to help members protect their privacy and security and Identity Guard is honored to be working with NCPERS to serve public employees in all municipalities to provide affordable innovative online identity theft, and privacy services that will provide cyber wellness and peace of mind not only to public employees but to their families, including children whose identities can be at risk long before they -re old enough to apply for credit or have a bank account.

For a limited time, this robust program, which offers not only credit monitoring but a wide variety of other features, including social media monitoring through IBM’s Watson, is now available to many of our member organizations at no cost for the remainder of 2021, as long as you continue to provide access to the program (whether paid by the organization or the member through payroll/pension deduction), beginning in 2021.  Learn more about the program by reviewing the below brochure and by clicking here.


For information and details on the program e-mail Don Heilman at 1-800-628-5691x2686 or via email at