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Scott+Scott Attorneys at Law LLP

Scott+Scott Attorneys at Law LLP
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Scott+Scott is an international leader in securities fraud, antitrust, consumer and other complex litigation, with one of the highest settlement-to-case ratios in the industry. Our seasoned team of expert attorneys located throughout the world enables us to identify, analyze, and pursue claims through a holistic lens. Our attorneys are armed with sophisticated monitoring technologies, world-class e-discovery capabilities, and an internal investigations department. We also partner with preeminent subject-matter experts, foundations, and funders to ensure our claims can prevail against even the biggest power players.

The Firm provides our clients with honest and accurate information at no cost to them through our proprietary PT+ global portfolio monitoring services. PT+ acts as an electronic portfolio watchdog, triggering alerts when certain events occur that may point to corporate fraud and helping us identify claims and actions that may affect our clients. Institutional investors seeking to recover losses both here and abroad need a law firm that understands the complexities and nuances of cross-jurisdictional litigation and can litigate in-language, in-country without having to outsource to a third-party firm. Scott+Scott has offices in New York, California, London, Germany, Amsterdam, Ohio, Connecticut, Virginia and Texas, among others.

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