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    U.S. Listed Companies from 
    China- Buyer Beware, on                                       
    October 27, 2020                                                                                  



Ensuring Funding for Public                     2020 State & Federal Legislation                    2019 NCPERS Public 
Pensions:  A Guide to Raising                 January 14, 2020                                             Retirement Systems Study 

Revenues & Closing Tax                                                                                                   February 4, 2020
Loopholes, January 9, 2020

 Navigating through a Crisis: A                   The Anatomy of a Recession:                       The SECURE & CARES Acts:  
 Conversation with CalPERS CEO             What to Look for & Where                             Provisions Impacting Public Pensions,
 Marcie Frost, April 7, 2020                         We're Headed, April 14, 2020                       Participants, & Sponsors, April 21, 2020 

Portfolio Positioning During Covid-19         Do Public Sector Employees                  Balancing Headline Risks With
Market Volatility: Insights from 3                 Really Live Longer? Exploring the          Investment Opportunities in China
Distinct Vantage Points,                              Date of Normal Times & in the Age        April 30, 2020
April 23, 2020                                              of COVID, April 28, 2020

  Life on the Other Side of                          Coping with the Uncertainty of COVID-19:         
COVID-19, May 5, 2020                          Critical Decision Making on Plan Funding          
                                                            & the Potential Impact on Plan Demographics                                        
May 7, 2020  

The Impact of  the Covid-19                  Protecting Your Investments from         COVID- 19: Financial &                                                   Crisis on Global Real Estate                Corporate Misconduct in a Time            Emotional Health of your 
May 12, 2020                                        Emergency, May 14, 2020                     Members, May 18, 2020 

 COVID-19: The Impact of the              Preparing for the impact of the             Ransomware, Hacking, Data
 Economic Disruption of Pension         Pandemic on your Pension Plan           Breaches: What are You Doing
 Plans, June 2, 2020                            June 4, 2020                                          for Protection?, June 9, 2020


  ESG: Why are we still talking              Cash Flor Matching: Balancing             Understanding Shareholder Loss   
  about this?, June 11, 2020                  Short-Term Needs with Long-Term       Estimates in Non-U.S. Securities 
                                                  Investing, June 16, 2020                      Litigation, June 18, 2020

  COVID-19 & Municipal Bond                  Sustainability Considerations in            Blowing Up Your Board is NOT 
  Market Volatility, June 23, 2020              Pension Investments,                           the Answer , June 30, 2020     
                                                    June 25, 2020                                             
  Determining the Necessary Short-Term         Sustainability & Affordability of              Semi- Annual State & Federal 
  Changes & Best Long-Term Tactics               Public Pensions Despite COVID,           Legislation Webcast,
  to Deal with the COVID-19 Fall Out,              July 9, 2020                                            July 14, 2020
  July 7, 2020

  Preparing for Private Investments that        COVID 19 - Investment                          Retiree Medical Trust: How
 Turn Choppy & What Fiduciaries Need        Opportunities in Fixed Income               Employees & Employers can use
  to Know, July 16, 2020                                for Public Plans, October 6                    Pre-Tax $ to Create Lifetime Medical
                                                                                                                                     Reimbursement, October 13, 2020

   Discussion on Proposed Changes
   to HELPS Tax Benefit, 
   October 20, 2020


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