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  COVID-19: The Impact of the                  Preparing for the impact of the 
  Economic Disruption of Pension             Pandemic on your Pension Plan
  Plans, on June 2, 2020                            on June 4, 2020

  Ransomware, Hacking, Data                   ESG: Why are we still talking                  Cash Flor Matching: Balancing
  Breaches: What are You Doing                about this?, on June 11, 2020                Short-Term Needs with Long-Term
  for Protection?, on June 9, 2020                                                                              Investing, on June 16, 2020

 Understanding Shareholder Loss            COVID-19 & Municipal Bond 
 Estimates in Non-U.S. Securities            Market Volatility, on June 23, 2020
 Litigation, on June 18, 2020



Ensuring Funding for Public            2020 State & Federal Legislation     2019 NCPERS Public 
Pensions:  A Guide                                  January 14, 2020                     Retirement Systems Study 

to Raising Revenues                                                                                 February 4, 2020
and Closing Tax Loopholes 
 January 9, 2020

 Navigating through a Crisis: A                   The Anatomy of a Recession:        The SECURE & CARES Acts:  
 Conversation with CalPERS CEO             What to Look for & Where              Provisions Impacting Public Pensions,
 Marcie Frost, April 7, 2020                         We're Headed, April 14, 2020        Participants, & Sponsors, April 21, 2020 

Portfolio Positioning During Covid-19         Do Public Sector Employees                  Balancing Headline Risks With
Market Volatility: Insights from 3                 Really Live Longer? Exploring the          Investment Opportunities in China
Distinct Vantage Points,                              Date of Normal Times & in the Age        April 30, 2020
April 23, 2020                                              of COVID, April 28, 2020

  Life on the Other Side of                        Coping with the Uncertainty of COVID-19:         
COVID-19, May 5, 2020                         Critical Decision Making on Plan Funding          
                                                           & the Potential Impact on Plan Demographics                                        
May 7, 2020  

The Impact of  the Covid-19                 Protecting Your Investments from         COVID- 19: FInancial &                                                   Crisis on Global Real Estate               Corporate Misconduct in a Time           Emotional Health of your 
May 12, 2020                                       Emergency, May 14, 2020                     Members, May 18, 2020 

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