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About NCPERS Public Safety Conference

The unique concerns of pension systems for fire, police, and other first responders are in the spotlight at the NCPERS Public Safety Conference. Since 1985, the Public Safety Conference has offered a program dedicated to public safety plans and workers, who face danger during every shift and are exposed to more high-stress situations than the average civilian.
The Public Safety Conference reflects these realities with tailored programming that provides quality education to public safety pension trustees, administrators, staff, union officials, and local elected officials. The program covers topics ranging from investment management and plan design to the demands of leadership in crisis and emergency management.
Woven through the Public Safety Conference is an understanding of the heavy burdens that public safety workers bear. They perform their roles despite threats to their personal safety, long hours spent away from home, and the impact of witnessing other people’s pain and distress. Speakers explore what this means for pension and benefit design. The program also takes into account the demand for new or enhanced benefits in areas such as managing stress and trauma and their aftermath and the role of public opinion in shaping possible changes to pensions and benefits.
Sessions cover topics that differentiate public safety workers from other public-sector employees. These include earlier retirement ages that reflect the hazardous nature of the work, line-of-duty death and disability benefits, and Social Security income and offsets.
The Public Safety Conference features presentations from recognized leaders in finance and politics, provides news on the latest developments, and offers attendees the opportunity to network with peers. A centerpiece of the conference is the exhibitor showcase where pension fund and union officials can learn about the most up-to-date offerings of service providers who focus on public safety.


Professionals from all venues of the pension industry, including trustees, administrators and staff, state and local officials, investment and financial consultants, individuals who provide products and services to pension plans, union officers, and regulators from across the United States and Canada.