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Public Pension Compensation Survey

NCPERS is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with CBIZ, a leading provider of professional advisory services in the US, to create an extensive compensation survey for public pensions.

The 2024 Public Pension Compensation Survey was distributed in early May to more than 600 public pension funds. Please complete the survey by Tuesday, July 2nd. If you would like to confirm or update your organization’s survey, contact on record, please reach out to compsurveys@cbiz.comFind answers to other frequently asked questions here.

The survey results will be made available for free to participants, while funds that do not participate can purchase for $2,500.



The NCPERS 2023 survey covers 13 mid- and senior-level roles and the 2022 survey covers nine key c-suite positions. These surveys are exclusive to NCPERS members and survey participants and help funds benchmark their compensation and benefits packages with those of their peers. Save $200 by ordering both surveys.

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2023 Public Pension Compensation Survey: Mid- and Senior- Level Staff

Public Pension Compensation Survey: Mid- & Senior-Level Staff

The 2023 Public Pension Compensation Survey provides comprehensive information on compensation and benefits for 13 mid- and senior-level staff positions, including investment roles. The survey has received responses from 176 participants, representing 425 public employee retirement systems, with over 15.5 million active and retired members. You can review a sample of the survey to get an idea of its content.

To access the report and interactive dashboard, kindly complete the form and send it to Please note that only NCPERS members and survey participants can avail of the survey.

Note: All sales are final.


2022 Public Pension Compensation Survey: C-Suite Staff

Public Pension Compensation Survey: C-Suite StaffThe inaugural Public Pension Compensation Survey conducted in 2022 was a resounding success, providing invaluable data for nine key c-suite roles and an opportunity for public pensions to benchmark compensation and benefits data against peers. The 153 participants' responses represent over 9 million active and retired individuals and almost 12,000 staff positions.

To access the report and interactive dashboard, please complete the form and send it to Keep in mind that the survey is exclusively available to NCPERS members and survey participants, so don't hesitate to join if you haven't already.

Note: All sales are final.


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