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The BLUE commitment to labor: Better care for America’s workers and their families. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, the proven consumer health advocates, always acts with the public's best interests at heart and provides millions of families, individuals, and retirees top-quality, affordable health insurance plans and programs. For the one in three working Americans who carry Blue Cross and Blue Shield cards, a Blue plan symbolizes health security because it provides the kind of coverage necessary to ensure high quality, customer-focused, innovative, affordable health care. Blue offers labor customers access to the nation's largest system of provider networks, which, together with strong discounts, provides union members with the greatest total value in health care. In addition, Blue works together with the National Labor Office (NLO) to make sure that all programs and offerings meet the labor community's needs. In a continually dynamic and complex healthcare system, the National Labor Office (NLO) helps union representatives understand new/available health plan options. By assisting in the access of critical information, it satisfies the needs of labor and management as they bargain for health care together. The NLO is the liaison between unions and it works to ensure that Blue products meet the labor community’s bargaining objectives. That's the value of Blue. Delivering the best local health plans nationwide.