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2023 Past Webinars & Webcasts

The Challenges of Managing Securities Litigation Exposures

On July 26, we hosted as webinar to share insights about a new pilot program, NCPERS Securities Fraud Recovery, designed to supplement our member pension funds' existing protocols for monitoring securities fraud recovery opportunities. Panelists included Barbara Hannah, chief counsel for SBCERA; Lydia Lee, of counsel to Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein; and Irwin Schwartz, president of DIVIDEX Management. The conversation was moderated by Hank Kim, executive director and counsel for NCPERS. Watch the replay


2023 Public Pension Investment Landscape: Key Findings from the BlackRock Peer Risk Study

During the June 13th webinar, BlackRock leaders shared trends across the public pension industry and walked through key findings from their annual Peer Risk Study, which covers over 120 public plans across size and funded ratio. Powered by Aladdin, it provides a holistic overview of the pension investment landscape, including asset allocation, expected returns, risk factor decomposition and stress scenario analysis. Watch the replay


Do Pension Expenditures Impact Education Spending?

In the recently released report, “Do Pension Expenditures Impact Education Spending?” NCPERS Director of Research, Dr. Michael Kahn, examined state-by-state historical data on pension contributions, education expenditures, revenues, and the economy. This analysis found that, looking at the 26-year period from 1993 to 2019, education funding grew at three times the annual rate of pension spending. This defies the crowding-out arguments made by some public pension researchers. During NCPERS May 4 webinar, Dr. Kahn shared insights into the key findings from this new study. Watch the replay.

2023 Proxy Voting Season: Key Proxy Votes for Pensions to Watch

NCPERS aims to provide educational information to funds and trustees on proxy voting. In addition to providing sample language on establishing proxy voting guidelines, NCPERS provides an annual list of key proxy votes to watch as well as the results of these votes. The key proxy vote list provides context for funds that hold shares in publicly-traded companies to help make informed decisions from a shareholder perspective instead of rubberstamping whatever the companies recommend on such fundamental and recurring issues as boards of directors, auditors, compensation and shareholder rights. Register for on-demand access to watch the replay from April 21.

ASOP 4: What Pensions Should Know About the Newly Required LDROM Disclosure

As part of the 2023 revisions to ASOP 4, the Actuarial Standards Board will require a new disclosure, LDROM, that will affect future actuarial valuations. During NCPERS April 13 webinar, panelists discussed what LDROM is (and what it isn't); shared tips for communicating the new requirements of ASOP 4; and provided insights into how to frame the correct use of the disclosure. Watch the replay.


2023 Public Retirement Systems Study: Trends in Fiscal, Operational, and Business Practices

During this February 7th webinar, William SaintAmour, Executive Director of Cobalt Community Research and lead researcher for NCPERS 2023 Public Retirement Systems Study reviewed the key findings from the study. This annual study looks at public pension funds’ current fiscal condition and the steps they’re taking to ensure fiscal and operational integrity. Watch the replay. 

2022 Past Webinars & Webcasts
2022 State & Federal Legislation         NCPERS 2021 Public Retirement            Creating A Retiree Medical Trust:
     January 18, 2022                                 Systems Study & its Dashboard               A Fresh Look at a Proven Solution
                                                                   February 15, 2022                                   May 10, 2022


The World to Africa                              How Public Pensions Can Transform           
     July 27, 2022                                  Participant Engagement Through Digital Access         
                                                                           September 20, 2022                                               

Public Pension Staffing: Trends in                2023 State and Federal Legislation
Benefits, and                           Impacting Public Pensions
Workforce Developments                                     December 8, 2022
October 19, 2022


2021 Past Webinars & Webcasts 

   US state legislation webcast             ncpers-2020-public-retirement-systems-study-cover-page          a-decade-after-the-deception-webinar
   2021 State & Federal Legislation           2020 Public Retirement              A Decade After The Deception:
   Webcast, January 12, 2021                   Systems Study,                           Are We Destined To Repeat
                                                                  February 16, 2021                      The 2008 Financial Crisis? March 23

             ncpers-webinar-preparing-for-the-pandemics-impact-on-your-pension-plan-year-2     people-walking-markets
    A Decisive Decade for Climate             Preparing for the Pandemic's            The Fallacies of Asset Allocation, 
   Change: Asset Management as a          
Impact on Your Pension Plan-           June 15, 2021
   Catalyst or Consequence? April 6          Year 2, May 4, 2021


    Demystifying Operational Due              A New Lens Into Portfolio 
    Diligence- Due for a Change?              
Construction, October 5, 2021
July 13, 2021

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