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Corporate Governance

The NCPERS Model Proxy Voting Guidelines are designed to provide Benefit Funds and Trustees with a simple, inexpensive and effective way to discharge their fiduciary duties for proxy voting and to safeguard the equity investments of their beneficiaries.  The Guidelines ensure that Benefit Funds’ shares in publicly-traded companies are voted from a shareholder perspective instead of rubberstamping whatever the companies recommend on such fundamental and recurring issues as boards of directors, auditors, compensation and shareholder rights.

      ncpers-best-governance-practices                                                              ncpers-model-proxy-voting-guidelines
  Best Governance Practices for                                                                                                        NCPERS Model Proxy Voting
          Public Retirement Systems (May 2019)                                                                                                         Guidelines


Key Proxy Votes by Year

 ncpers-key-proxy-votes-2020          ncpers-key-proxy-votes-2019          ncpers-key-proxy-votes-2018

                    ncpers-key-proxy-votes-2017                          ncpers-key-proxy-votes-2016