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Plan & Corporate Governance

The NCPERS Model Proxy Voting Guidelines are designed to provide Benefit Funds and Trustees with a simple, inexpensive and effective way to discharge their fiduciary duties for proxy voting and to safeguard the equity investments of their beneficiaries. The Guidelines ensure that Benefit Funds’ shares in publicly-traded companies are voted from a shareholder perspective instead of rubberstamping whatever the companies recommend on such fundamental and recurring issues as boards of directors, auditors, compensation and shareholder rights.

      ncpers-best-governance-practices                                                              ncpers-model-proxy-voting-guidelines
  Best Governance Practices for                                                                                                        NCPERS Model Proxy Voting
          Public Retirement Systems (February 2024)                                                                                                    Guidelines


Key Proxy Votes by Year

Each year, NCPERS provides guidance to its members on the key proxy votes to watch and reports on the results of these votes. View the key proxy votes by year (login required).

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