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About the Funding Forum

Knowledge is power in the face of overheated rhetoric about level of funding for public pensions and whether their revenues and  reserves are adequate to meet current and future needs. The Public Pension Funding Forum is where members of our community assemble to strengthen their understanding of the most important trends and developments in pension funding. 
The hallmark of this event is to deliver new thinking that might solve the challenges and preserve and enhance public pension plans, and hence bolster our future prosperity.
We gather the best minds on pension funding, including leading economists and Nobel laureates, to present and debate the latest research and data.  This Forum injects substantive, objective analysis and a dollop of common sense into the debate over funding levels.
The Forum also showcases emerging funding solutions and delves into case studies that offer a practical perspective on which pension reform initiatives have and haven’t worked. Forum participants examine the short-term effects of tweaking public pension benefits and formulas, as well as the long-term, negative implications for communities and economic growth if advocates of dismantling public pensions get their way.
Participants should come away with a deepened understanding of the fiscal, political, social, and economic forces shaping the debate over public pension funding and impacting pension systems nationwide. They should also gain a practical understanding of the varied public pension landscape and a sharpened instinct for what constitutes pure rhetoric vs. informative fact in the pension funding debate. For example, it is widely understood that failures by some state and local governments to stabilize the funding of public pensions when times were good have compounded the stresses some systems feel. However, experts will debunk perceptions that pension plans are universally underfunded and that the system, consequentially, is unsustainable and unaffordable. The data tell a different story.


The Public Pension Funding Forum is unique in several ways:

  • Focuses on developing research and education programs to achieve adequate funding for public pensions.  
  • Examines the implications of reform initiatives for all stakeholders—including taxpayers, employers, and local businesses and economies, and not just public employees.
  • Engages the best minds, including six Nobel Prize-winning economists to date, to impart a deep understanding of the social and economic forces at play in the public pension arena.
  • Delivers content demanded by and designed for the people on the front lines.

Who Should Attend?

  • Trustees of state and local pension funds 
  • Administrators of state and local pension funds
  • Officials of state and local finance departments and treasurer’s offices
  • Legislators
  • Municipal bond community
  • Investment community
  • Public pension advocacy community
  • Academic and pension research community
This conference is open to all pension plans (including non-NCPERS fund/stakeholder members) and plan sponsors.