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NCPERS PensionX Digital Platform

NCPERS has partnered with Digital Deployment to offer its members a 10% discount on the PensionX digital platform.

What is PensionX?  

PensionX is the premier digital platform that securely enables pensions to engage with active and retired participants via a mobile self-service app and portal.

PensionXThe platform works with existing pension administration system APIs to create a seamless experience for plan members to access their pension information anywhere—from managing beneficiaries to uploading secure documents.

Digital Deployment, the parent company of PensionX, has been working with pension systems for over a decade. Trusted by major public pensions across the country, they’ve helped modernize pension access for thousands of public servants.

Why did NCPERS form this partnership?

Consumers are increasingly managing their financial lives via mobile devices, yet only seven percent of public pension systems provide account information to members through a mobile app, according to the 2021 NCPERS Public Retirement Systems Study. NCPERS initiated the partnership with PensionX as a solution to the growing need from its members.  

How can NCPERS members access this discount?

To learn more about the platform and find out if it’s a good fit for your public pension system, simply fill out this form and mention your NCPERS membership to receive your 10% discount.

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