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Group Life Insurance: Plan Features

Plan Features

NCPERS offers a supplementary survivor's benefit and insurance program to enhance the financial security of the members of its participating retirement systems. It has paid $105 million in benefits to members over the past 40+ years.

  • Custom Designed
    The plan is uniquely designed to augment your retirement system's survivor benefits to maximize the security when it is needed the most. While some members may not need the coverage those who do, may need it badly.

  • Voluntary
    Retirement systems have found that it is better to offer voluntary supplemental benefits, than to increase the survivor benefits that apply to all members.

  • Benefits for Life
    Most group life insurance benefits stop or are reduced at retirement. This plan may be continued for life at retirement.

  • Outstanding Value
    Because of the mass purchasing power of 85,000 participants, favorable claims experience for more than 40 years, and the support of large reserves, we are confident that the coverage provided for the premium is competitive.