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Securities Litigation Challenges for Public Pensions

There are three significant fiduciary challenges many institutional investors experience when managing their portfolios’ securities litigation case exposures:

1. Most have few independent and unbiased resources to evaluate the prudence of being active in securities fraud class actions, either as lead plaintiff or in a direct action.

2. Most have no mechanism for identifying and evaluating recovery opportunities to address potential securities fraud losses in foreign-purchased (outside the United States) equities.

3. Most have no way to reconcile or audit revenue collected from settlements of domestic securities class actions against their entitlements to confirm they are receiving all funds due them.

For a plan to meet its fiduciary responsibilities and seek to optimize recoveries from securities fraud cases, it needs expertise as well as systems designed to help find, track and manage securities litigation recoveries.

After months of conversations and evaluations with a focus group composed of five target public pensions, NCPERS has partnered with DIVIDEX Management to launch NCPERS Securities Fraud Recovery Services, designed specifically to help NCPERS member smaller pension funds address these challenges. Learn more about the program and find out how to enroll here.

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