National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems

The Voice for Public Pensions

Stakeholder Membership


Stakeholders are unions, retiree groups, and plan sponsors as defined below.

  • Unions: Trade unions that represent the interests of State or local government employees.
  • Retiree Organization: Nonprofit State- or local government-level organizations that represent the interests of public sector retirees.
  • Plan Sponsors: State political subdivisions, or any agencies or
    instrumentalities thereof that sponsor a retirement plan.

NCPERS stakeholder membership dues are based on the number of active and retired members represented by the organization.

  Plan Members   Annual Dues
  1 – 4,500 Members   $290
  4,501 – 10,500 Members   $580
  10,501 – 16,500 Members   $955
  16,501 Members and Over   $1,165