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NCPERS Stakeholder Membership

An NCPERS stakeholder membership provides unparalleled educational opportunities for staff and board members, virtual and in-person networking opportunities, access to member-only resources and research, continued advocacy for public pensions, and more. Think of NCPERS as adding capacity to your organization by being the subject-matter expert on public pensions. Whether you are a small staff or large labor union, we can provide support however and wherever needed. We're your membership organization and we are here for you! NCPERS stakeholder membership is truly affordable, starting at only $305 per year for your organization. Our stakeholder members include unions, retiree organizations, and plan sponsors. Become a member of the NCPERS network today. Apply online below or return this form to


How will my organization benefit from becoming an NCPERS member?

Improve governance practices and trustee onboardingLearn from industry experts at events and webinars: NCPERS is a leader in public pension education. We host several major conferences each year where attendees can network and learn about important advances in public pension funding, financial services, legislation and regulation, and other significant issues related to public sector pension plans. We also host webinars throughout the year as part of our Center for Online Learning. View our upcoming conference schedule.

Improve governance practices and trustee onboarding: Oversight of pension funding and administration is a key role stakeholders play. NCPERS University is where trustees and organizational leadership can turn to find the educational offerings they need to be successful in carrying out their duties, no matter their experience level.

  • The Trustee Educational Seminar is designed to help new trustees build and strengthen their foundational knowledge of pensions and governance.

  • NCPERS Accredited Fiduciary (NAF) program was created to educate public pension trustees and administrators about best practices for plan governance, oversight, and administration. Attendees can earn their Accredited Fiduciary designation, recognized nationally as a prestigious symbol of governance excellence. Learn more about why the NAF program was developed here.

Utilize NCPERS’ expertise and networks: As the voice for public pensions, we're dedicated to providing you with the proper tools needed to advocate for and defend any attacks against public pensions. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to enrich and educate participants at your next board meeting, public hearing, legislative/administrative testimony or educational conference. We are always willing and able to make a presentation to positively influence the promotion of public pensions. Learn more about our advocacy activities.

Gain access to your job postings, RFPs, and news. Review local and national job postings, news, RFPs, research, and more. NCPERS provides news coverage of the latest developments in the public pension industry, including research, policy updates, organizational success stories and industry innovations, career-related news and job postings, and profiles of NCPERS members. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for real-time updates and be sure to read NCPERS blogs.
Access the latest public pension research and dataAccess the latest public pension research and data: Members can participate in and access the Public Pension Compensation Survey and Annual Public Retirement Systems Study, featuring valuable insights to help improve your fund’s operations and business practices. NCPERS also regularly produces leading research covering the latest trends and issues impacting public pensions.
Join now to start taking advantage of NCPERS membership benefits, or contact to learn more.


What are the annual membership dues for stakeholder organizations?

NCPERS stakeholder membership dues are based on the number of active and retired members represented by the organization. Associations and retiree organization dues are $4,090 annually.

 Active & Retired Members

  Annual Dues

  1 – 4,500 Members


  4,501 – 10,500 Members


  10,501 – 16,500 Members


  16,501 Members and Over



Is my organization eligible to join as a stakeholder?

NCPERS stakeholder membership is open to unions, retiree groups or associations, and plan sponsors as defined below:

  • Trade unions that represent the interests of State or local government employees.

  • Retiree Organization or Association: Nonprofit State- or local government-level organizations that represent the interests of public sector retirees.

  • Plan Sponsors: State political subdivisions, or any agencies or instrumentalities thereof that sponsor a retirement plan.

How can I learn more?

For more information, please contact or call 202-601-2445.