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Core Monitoring Systems

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Levi & Korsinsky LLP is one of the nation’s leading plaintiffs’ law firms with over 200 years of combined partner experience litigating complex securities actions. Our 40+ lawyers, backed by a 25+ person support staff, have successfully litigated high-stakes, bet-the-company cases, in both federal and state courts throughout the country. At Levi & Korsinsky we combine securities expertise with innovative approaches to litigation and an enduring commitment to recover maximum compensation for our clients. Our attorneys are supported by a team of experienced professionals including financial experts, as well as a cutting-edge, proprietary e-discovery system designed to tackle the discovery needs of any given litigation.
Our firm provides a seamless end-to-end asset protection and recovery solution, all in one central location, including the following services: (i) portfolio monitoring; (ii) U.S. securities litigation evaluation; (iii) non-U.S. securities litigation evaluation; and (iv) settlement claims filing. Using the Firm’s “CORE” Proprietary technology platform, we offer institutional investors a comprehensive, real-time assessment of portfolio litigation exposure expressly designed to maximize return on portfolio litigation opportunities, with unprecedented ease of use and transparency. All done with No Out-Of-Pocket Costs to the institution. For more information about the Firm or schedule a CORE demonstration, go to &


Best Practices for Monitoring Your Securities Portfolio

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