National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems

The Voice for Public Pensions

About the Summit

Candid conversations and the exchange of ideas are the heartbeat of the NCPERS Chief Officers Summit. This exclusive event draws together pension CEOs and CIOs to address their most pressing challenges and promising opportunities.

C-Suite executives at mid-market plans have told us they value peer interactions, but they need to make every minute count. This peer-designed program answers that need. The Summit is for CEOs and CIOs only, providing a safe place for open discussion—with no trustees, no vendors, and no outsiders.

The agenda and all discussions at this compact, two-day event are 100% peer-driven, created by an advisory faculty of C-Suite pension leaders. Each day begins with joint CEO and CIO sessions. Then the groups split off into separate tracks—one planned by public plan CEOs, the other by public plan CIOs. 

The Summit features unique content not typically offered at pension conferences. It emphasizes the distinct challenges mid-market plans face and provides plan executives the opportunity to work collaboratively in solutions-focused small group discussions.

Sessions cover such vital skills as leadership, strategic planning, communications, human capital management, innovation, and recruitment and retention—with an emphasis on the so-called “soft skills” that organizations and their leaders need to foster constant learning, improvement, and growth. The Summit also provides rich opportunities to network with peers.

This fast-paced conference is the place where CEOs and CIOs can back away from their desks, turn off their mobile phones, and clear their heads to think strategically about what it takes to provide 21st Century leadership to a public pension plan.